The Clever Deer

story about a clever deer

Author: Prashi Jindal Published On: October 6th 2019

Once upon a time, there was a village named Kisa.

The villagers had made a beautiful temple and inside the temple, there was a bell.

Temple in village

One day a robber came in the temple and he stole the temple bell. The villagers were worried. The people of the village were shocked and confused. There was a rumor that the temple-god is going to punish the villagers because the temple bell was stolen.

Meanwhile, in Kiaka, a jungle near Kisa, a leopard was chasing a hare. Since he was chasing the hare for a long time, he felt thirsty and went to a lake to drink water.

He saw a deer there, drinking water in the lake. The clever deer at once sensed danger and started running for his life.

The leopard was overpowered by greed! He spared the hare and went after the deer. Because of the sound that the leopard made, the villagers thought that the temple-god is angry. Nobody thought it could’ve been a leopard. When the deer was running, it came close to the village and heard all the villagers.

Leopard chasing deer

He thought that he’ll have to help the villagers and also get help from them for saving himself. He had an idea. He went to the village and told everyone that the leopard was chasing it and the leopard’s voice sounded haunted which is why they all were scared and that the actual thief is hiding in the jungle.

The villagers understood and made the leopard run away. Then, they caught the thief and put him in jail. They also found the temple bell hidden in a cave in Kiaka. They took the temple bell from there and hung it again in the temple.

Finally, they thanked the deer and gave it some food to eat.


  • We should not be greedy.
  • In difficult time, we should not lose hope and act wisely.
  • We should help others when possible.
  • We should not do bad things like stealing.