When I Landed on Mars

my experience of visiting Mars

Author: Prashi Jindal Published On: November 3rd 2019

It was a very good morning. The sun was rising and it was getting hotter as the sun was rising.

I was getting a very good feeling for some reason that morning, but when I saw the clock and realized that I am 15 mins late, I got worried that if I don’t get ready fast, I will be late for school and my bus will leave me !! I was more scared because that was not a regular day, it was my field trip and I was so excited for it and waiting for it since last month.

Anyways, I got ready for school quickly and saw my friends on the bus and we immediately started to plan how will we enjoy the day. When we reached The Pumpkin Patch, we were divided into four groups. Me and my friends Shweta, Aryan and Kashvi headed to the tent where a dance performance was happening.

While I was enjoying the beats, I heard someone’s voice saying, “Come to me. I will take you to tomorrow land.” I was puzzled. Me and my friends looked at each other. My friends were as puzzled as me. I asked them, “Did you hear that voice?”. My friends said, “Even you heard that voice?”. I whispered, “Come, let us go out”. We went out; two people at a time.

Shweta said, “I thought it was an after effect of the dance”.

Kashvi said, “No, it was not an influence. It was somebody calling us:,

Aryan said. “Yes, It came from the fog”. I said “Yes, let us go !”.

As I walked in the fog, I could not see or hear anyone. I was calling out my friends’ names. Suddenly the fog was over and I bumped into something. It was a spaceship. I called my friends and out of curiosity, we went inside it. As soon as we stepped into the spaceship, it started flying.

We got scared. After a few minutes, we saw stars and at a distance we could see Mars. From far it looked reddish-orange. As we came closer we could see aliens and buildings.

We landed on Mars and got out of the spaceship. We decided to go in different directions to find out what should we do now. I saw a board, and on the board, it was written. “Party station”. I started walking in the direction of the board and it led me to a fair in which a big giant was there. I got to know that he was the owner of the fair. He looked angry and therefore I got scared and ran away.

But in my mind, I was still curious to know if the party station was inside the fair? I asked this to an alien. The alien told, “Yes”. To my surprise he was friendly and could speak English.

I thought I need to tell this to my friends. So I went back to the direction from where I came and my friends met me at the same point from which we went in different directions. I told my friends all about the giant and the party station.

I also got to know from my friend Shweta that she went to a cake shop and she had eaten cakes. Suddenly the owner of the shop came from the room. As soon as he came, she ran away because she didn’t have “Mars” money. The alien was confused.

Kashvi said she saw a giant as well. And that this giant would get angry when teased. Aryan said he didn’t see anything special.

In the meantime, someone teased the giant that he is fat. The giant got angry and started attacking everyone he found. Me and Shweta tried to trick the giant while Aryan and Kashvi made a trap in the party station.

We told the giant that “Everybody is going to the party station. You cannot catch them !”. So the giant went to the party station. As soon as he stepped in the party station, we caught him in the trap.

He asked us to release him, we asked him to apologize to everyone and that he will not hurt anyone. The giant realized his mistake and apologized.

The aliens thanked us and allowed us to use spaceship to reach our home.

Suddenly my alarm rang and I opened my eyes to realize that I was still in bed and dreaming. I thought to myself what a strange dream I had and started getting ready for my picnic !!